COU TEDDO- Core areas of intervention:

1. Diasaster Risk Reduction Program (DRR)
1.1  Community Empowerment Project (CEP); operator in Soroti and Gweri sub-county
1.2  Participatory Evaluation Project (PEP); operator in the whole of Soroti Diocese (Soroti, Serere, Amuria, Katakwi and Kaberamaido)
1.3 Water Harvesting Project (WHP); operator in Kolir, Habwor, Mukura and Ngariam sub-counties
1.4 Farmer Field Schools (FFS); operator in Omodoi, Magoro and Ngariam
1.5. Biogas (ended); operator in all districts of Teso

2. Governance and Conflict Transformation Program
2.1. Peace and Human Rights Project; operator at the Border between Teso and Karamoja
2.2 Good Governance Project; operator in Magoro, Usuk, Ngariam, Ongongoja, Acowa, Orungu, Morungatung and Abarilela
2.3. HIV/ AIDS Project; operator in Kaberamaido

3. Integrated Secure Livelihood/ Food Security
3.1 Food Security; operator Amuria and Katakwi
3.2 OVC

4. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
4.1 Post Conflict Project
4.2 Water and Small Towns

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