Health DepartmentThe Health Department of Soroti Diocese supports governmental efforts in health care provision by utilizing funds from international organizations such as Oxfam (UK) or Care (USA) to  set up specific districts of health services.
Hospitals, health centers, dispensaries and clinics are established by these contributions with the objective to provide quality of health care to the whole Diocese. Furthermore the money is used to carry out population activities in terms of health promotion (for instance HIV/Aids Programs), communication and prevention (health education and malaria prevention). Other services are offered in the field of curative treatments, palliative care and rehabilitation.

Health units and reproductive health (maternal and child health) fall under the curative services as well as internal medicines (medication and injections) and obstetrics (pregnancy, childbirth, prenatal period) and gynecology (identification and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system). Even diseases that occur in other parts of the human body are treated through surgeries and therapies (e.g. radio therapy). In addition to that traditional health care centers offer medical provision based on spiritual and herbal treatments.

The vision of the Health Department is the same as that of the entire Diocese enhancing that the strong faith in God and Christianity will be more than helpful to improve and to guarantee the medical provision of the Diocese.


Director of Health Dept.: Dr. Oonyu

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