Education DepartmentThe Education Office of Soroti Diocese serves and supports Government efforts in the provision of Education and is actively involved in the management and administration of its Institutions within the Diocese. Being committed to the Departmental Gospel values of humility, love and honesty, the Office strives to realize its vision of an enlightened Christian community.  It is through this office that the Diocese of Soroti has been engaged in rehabilitation and development of schools in the area (physical infrastructure, scholastic materials/supplies, furnishing, and retraining of teachers and head teachers. Child support to access formal education has been going on for about 14years supported by African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE), Edukans Foundation, The Netherlands: ICCO, The Netherlands: Teso Development Trust (TDT), UK: Savannah Church, USA: Mama Watoto Foundation,  Artefacts Germany, Evangelical Lutheran Church Germany, Civil Society Fund Uganda, Forum Uganda Norway, Stephen Lewis Foundation Canada and Local Contributions.
The Education office targets school children and youth, orphans and vulnerable children, school community leaders and parents/community members.
The vision of the Education Department comprehends “An enlightened skilled Christian Community.”
The mission of the Education Department is “To equip the people of God with Knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for Christian living, growth and service.”


Diocesan Education Coordinator.: The Rev’d Samuel Ediau


One thought on “Education

  1. coueduc says:

    Welcome to the Annual Education Fora meeting organised by CoU Education Department and CEREDO in Eneku Village on Saturday 23rd November 2013 starting at 9:00 a.m. The theme is ” Innovating for Girls’ Education”. Come one, Come all.

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